Wildsee Lake Upland Moor Area & Kaltenbronn

Wildsee Lake Upland Moor Area
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Wildsee Lake Upland Moor Area

One of the last intact upland moors in Central Europe is located in Kaltenbronn. Access to the legendary lakes is via a rustic wooden footbridge.

The Kaltenbronn portal is formed by the communities of Gernsbach, Enzklösterle and Bad Wildbad. The upland moor area around Kaltenbronn, with the Wildsee and Hohlohsee lakes and their open waters, offers a unique, unspoilt landscape. In the middle of the Kaltenbronn Nature Reserve is the Holoh Tower. Climbing the free tower is rewarded with a magnificent view overlooking the Murg Valley, the Black Forest and, on clear days, as far as the Vosges in France or the Alps.

Information about the special features and conservation value of the nature reserve around the Wildsee can be found at the Kaltenbronn Information Center. Nature and the uniqueness of the area are explained through interactive exhibitions.

Kaltenbronn offers numerous tourist attractions such as hiking trails, adventure trails, mountain bike trails and cross-country ski trails in addition to the information center.