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Do something good for your body and soul

Healthy treatments in the Black Forest

Health is probably the most important possession a person can have. Whether preventive or acute: Bad Wildbad has a wide range of therapies and treatments for the promotion of good health. As a center for outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation and compact cures, Bad Wildbad has a high level of medical expertise and also relies on the healing powers of nature, such as the state-certified thermal water or natural mud baths.

Vital Therme Outdoor Pool

What is treated?

Especially for diseases of the musculoskeletal system the Bad Wildbad therapy works wonders. Cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, arthrosis, osteoporosis and many other conditions are also successfully treated in Bad Wildbad.

Natural Fango

How is the therapy carried out?

The thermal water of Bad Wildbad is a state-certified spring. It is used especially for external applications, e.g. thermal water exercise therapy. Equally important in the Bad Wildbad therapy concept are medicinal baths, massages, natural fango treatments and physiotherapy (sling table, dry and water treatments).

Doctor and clinic search

Who treats?

Personal care by experienced doctors, physiotherapists and spa staff has always been the best "cure". Bad Wildbad is home to a number of renowned rehabilitation centers and clinics that have developed a high level of medical expertise over the decades.

Health Center at the Vital Therme

A variety of health treatments that are recognized remedies and can be prescribed by a physician are available at the Vital Therme. These include:

  • Carbon dioxide and natural mud baths
  • Massages, hot air
  • Exercising in thermal water, aqua training & fitness courses

These treatments can be used as part of a spa treatment or as a private treatment.These treatments can be used as part of a spa treatment or as a private treatment.

Medicinal baths

What makes a stay at Bad Wildbad so special?

Experience the special Bad Wildbad therapy during your outpatient stay. The combination of medical and physiotherapeutic treatments is combined with the health-promoting powers of the warm thermal water. In particular, this includes dry physiotherapy with connective tissue treatment and a sling table. There are also various water treatments in the thermal water.

Your way to the treatment

  1. The urgency of the treatment, the appropriate treatment measures and the place and time of the cure will be decided by your family doctor.
  2. If a treatment is medically necessary, you may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement.
  3. Payers include the National Health Service, the National Pension Service, the Social Security Administration, the Workers' Compensation Board, and the Employer's Liability Insurance Association.
Knee active

Outpatient treatment

Preventive outpatient treatment allows patients to choose freely where to be treated and where to stay. The medical costs and 90% of the remedies are paid for. It is possible to apply for a subsidy for accommodation, meals, etc.

Out-patient treatment is provided by physiotherapists and in the Vital Therme health center.

Gardens of the Villa Hanselmann

Inpatient cure

A rehabilitation or spa clinic provides this treatment. Almost all of the costs are covered by insurance.

Vital Therme

Bad Wildbad Thermal Water

The purest thermal water is found in Bad Wildbad. Every day, at a temperature of 35-42 degrees, 12 liters per second are pumped from five wells. For us, this is simply wonderful water with healing powers. It is used in particular for external applications - in the various pools of the Vital Therme and in the Palais Thermal - and for individual physiotherapy in the thermal water. It is effective thanks to its warmth and the minerals it contains.

The thermal water is described as a fluoride-containing sodium-calcium-chloride-hydrogen-carbonate acratotherm according to the classification of curative waters. Since the springs have been drilled, they are no longer open to the public.

Do something good for your body and mind

Want to do something preventative for your health? Do you want to focus on your body and mind and relax healthily? Then take advantage of our health packages and treat yourself to an invigorating break in Bad Wildbad!

Vital Therme

Stay naturally "vital"

Take advantage of natural mud, thermal water, sauna, massages and exercise - the healing powers of nature and the helping hands of man. The healing and pain-relieving properties of the minerals and trace elements in the natural mud and thermal water can have a positive effect.

Salt lounge

Back and joints "Intensive"

You are in the right place with us if you want to relieve your back or joint pain so that you are ready for everyday life again! Rely on our tried and tested Wildbad Therapy with its water-based and sling table treatments!

Rose garden in the spa garden

Quality Outpatient Treatment

For people with back and locomotor problems, the original Wildbad therapy. Available year-round for those with national health insurance. However, you will need a written prescription from your doctor and confirmation that the costs are covered by the insurance company.

Aqua Biking

BKK Active Week Bad Wildbad

Relax in the warm thermal waters and experience an active week with a variety of courses such as aqua fitness or Nordic walking. You can choose between a 3-star hotel or a 4-star hotel. Bad Wildbad offers something for everyone: swimming, sauna and selected fitness courses, attractive cosmetic offers for wellness, beauty and medical wellness, or the cultural and gastronomic diversity of the participating hotels.

Tourist Information

If you have any wishes, plans or activities for your stay in Bad Wildbad, the Tourist Information team will be happy to assist you.

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Phone: 07081 10280

Staatsbad Wildbad

Your contact for the thermal baths and the health center in the Vital Therme:Staatsbad Wildbad

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Arrival & Parking

Thanks to the city train connection, Bad Wildbad is easy to reach by public transportation as well as by car.

For visitors arriving by train, a car-sharing service is available on site.

The town has 4 centrally located parking garages. There are also numerous parking spaces for motor homes.

Forest bathing

Forest Bathing

Just a relaxing walk in the woods will leave you feeling good. The air in the forest is rich in oxygen, low in dust and has a positive effect on our immune system! In Germany's first forest bathing area on the Sommerberg you can experience the healing effects of forest air.