Spa Gardens Bad Wildbad

A natural experience for young and old

Spa Garden Bad Wildbad

The natural Spa Gardens

Here you will find nature, walking paths, tennis courts, a bike path and Nordic walking trails. For the children there is the adventure playground "Räuberberg" and the mud and barefoot park.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of old and rare trees. Quiet and tranquil spots such as the "Rosengarten", Swan’s Lake, English Church, Moorish Pavilion and "Schwarzwälder Mühlrad" can be found throughout the park. You are invited to linger on various benches and loungers.

In the heart of the Spa Gardens is the Royal Health Theatre with its varied program of events.

Spa Garden

A natural spectacle of the special kind

The spa garden was created in 1699. With its 15 km of paths, it has become one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Germany.

Experience nature, relax and recharge your batteries

Located close to the city center, the 35-hectare park is a place of relaxation where you will quickly feel at home.

English Church

English Church

A medieval village church in the heart of the idyllic spa gardens.

Moorish Pavilion

Moorish Pavilion

Built in 1875 from available castings from the Wasseralfinger ironworks, the Moorish Pavilion is a filigree structure. For couples wishing to have a civil wedding in the open air, this is a stylish location.



Located on a hill in the spa gardens, the Rosengarten features a round pergola, a tall fountain column and reclining figures. For outdoor celebrations or conferences, the garden is a stylish location.

A very spacious and well-kept park. Invites you to linger and offers a relaxed atmosphere. The Enz River flows through the entire park. There are many beautiful spots to discover. You can enjoy the splendor of the flowers especially in spring.
Emre, 43 from Rastatt

Spa Garden Honey

Spa Garden Honey from Bad Wildbad

Available at the Bad Wildbad Tourist Information, König-Karl-Strasse 5

An experience for the whole family

The Swan’s Lake, the mud playground or the big adventure playground "Räuberberg" invite you to discover and feed the ducks and swans.

Swan’s Lake

Swan’s Lake

In the heart of the Spa Gardens is the Swan’s Lake. This is where the ducks and swans are waiting to be discovered and fed.

Adventure Playground "Räuberberg"

Adventure Playground Räuberberg

With about 15 pieces of equipment, the Räuberberg playground invites you to play and run around.

Mud playing park

Mud Playground

Young guests can explore the element of water at the water playground with barefoot path.

Royal Health Theatre

Royal Health Theatre

In the heart of Bad Wildbad's spa gardens is the tranquil Royal Health Theatre, built with Renaissance and Baroque elements. A program of events awaits you, including high-caliber chamber music and soloist concerts, as well as theatrical performances and literary readings.


Botanical Tour of the Spa Gardens

During the summer months there are monthly botanical tours of the spa gardens. Learn many interesting facts about the flora in the park and get to know the Kurpark from its most beautiful side.


Touristik Bad Wildbad
König-Karl-Straße 5
75323 Bad Wildbad
Phone 07081 10280

Arrival, Parking

There are several parking options in Bad Wildbad. Alternatively, you can take the S-Bahn to the Bad Wildbad Spa Garden station.

Regulations for the Spa Gardens

Visitors accept the attached rules of use by entering the Spa Garden. For damages caused in the Spa Garden, the visitor is liable.

Tour of the Bad Wildbad Spa Gardens

Pure nature.

Where to next?

To complete your personal wellness experience, Bad Wildbad has much more to offer.

With lots of winding paths and a large playground, it's also a great day out with the kids. Swan’s Lake was definitely the highlight for our little ones. We had a great time here with the family, especially in combination with the Kurpark restaurant.
Jasmin, 30 from Baden-Baden