Overview of the scholarships and auditions for Akademie BelCanto 2024

Due to the generous donations from private individuals and from the Freundeskreis ROSSINI IN WILDBAD e.V. the following scholarships will be awarded. Auditions are necessary to find out the quality of new talent. For 2024 we have scheduled a new project: A full scale new production of a Rossini opera, L’ italiana in Algeri for young singers, which will be recorded and streamed as a showcase for the future career of the soloists. All roles will be covered, if possible, by young singers of ABC, probably except the old Taddeo. Conductor is José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, directed by Jochen Schönleber.

  • Inge Borkh scholarship for young sopranos. The great dramatic Wagner and Strauss singer (1921-2018) was a tireless visitor to the festival until her death at the age of 97 and was passionate about the development of young singers. 1,500 Euros scholarship, travel in Europe and accommodation expenses, participation in concerts and possibly opera roles
  • Three (3) Lotte Bräuer scholarships from the Freundeskreis ROSSINI IN WILDBAD e.V. Mrs. Lotte Bräuer has designated the Circle of Friends as the universal heir, thereby enabling permanent support for young singers. 1,500 Euros scholarship, travel and accommodation expenses, participation in master classes, concerts and possibly opera roles
  • Up to three partial scholarships from the ROSSINI IN WILDBAD e.V.  for free tuition in the masterclasses and  participation in the concerts
  • Up to two grants from the ROSSINI IN WILDBAD festival 1,200 euros grant, travel and accommodation, participation in the master classes, concerts and possibly opera roles. One is, if possible, reserved for an Ucrainian applicant.


Auditions start with one or two videos/audios, which applicants make accessible NOT via download, but with a link on an accessible platform like youtoube or vimeo. Qualified applicants will be invited for the auditions and can usually choose the place.


2024 the repertory of the festival is mostly in French: Le Comte Ory and Masaniello are both written for Paris. But the main project of Akademie BelCanto is the YOUNG production of L'italiana in Algeri in Italian with video recording. The videos will be an important instrument for your future applications for casting operas and competitions. If you want to apply and want to have better chances to be accepted, we suggest you choose one classical belcanto recit and aria in Italian and one in French.Do not choose the wrong repertory.

The following audition places are scheduled:

Apart from several international competitions, where we hear interesting singers for the Academy, auditions are scheduled in

  • Madrid 16 Dec 2024 (ESCM)
  • Firenze 21 Jan 2024 Conservatorio
  • Berlin  28 Jan 2024 Deutsche Oper
  • Wien 18 Feb 2024 Musikquartier
  • Kraków 20 Feb 2024 Filharmonia

The number of applicants is limited due to the limited time of every audition. Please apply asap. Enrolment for the ABC is necessary and costs 50 E. If your application is rejected after the first round of video audition, 25 Euro will be reimbursed.

Kraków is particulary interesting for singers that want to take part in the workshop Italiana in Algeri from 3-23 June in Kraków. Selected applicants will receive an extra offer from Passionart, Kraków.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the ROSSINI office or send an email to: akademierossini@gmail.com. The German version of this announcement is legally binding.